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  1. Andy Sager

    Mystery Snails towering

    Hi and welcome to the site. :flowers: Snails will do all kinds of silly and crazy things. Only they really know why they do it. Maybe they found a spot of algae so they all want to try and eat it. I see 2 of them out of the water so maybe they are getting ready to lay eggs. You say the tank is...
  2. Andy Sager

    Chinese Algae Eater randomly bloated and died

    Unfortunately yes, Hydras can kill fish. If the fish was small enough, it would eat them and you'd have no idea where they went. The bloating most likely was an internal reaction to getting stung. With the fish being on the back end of it's natural lifespan ( 5-10 years), it's ability to repel...
  3. Andy Sager

    Accu-clear overdose please help!

    The object for moving over old established materials is to bring along the nitrifying microbes with it. There are 2 different microbes that make up the biological filter so if the old tank wasn't finished being cycled, whichever microbe that was in there will be like an inoculation into the new...
  4. Andy Sager

    Accu-clear overdose please help!

    So you better understand what " cycling" means, it's the process of creating the nitrifying microbes in the aquarium to help absorb the ammonia in the water and convert it into nitrites and then nitrates. So it's better to say that you are trying to establish a biological filter by "cycling" the...
  5. Andy Sager

    Can I put a 75 gallon tank on hardwood floors?

    Taking the 46 or getting a new tank is really a personal choice. You do need to make some considerations when you move older tanks and reset them up. ( I have a 40 long that is over 30 years old, moved three times and still holds water. ) As for getting a new or larger tank, you could always...
  6. Andy Sager

    New person, worked in a pet shop

    As you probably know, African Cichlids can be a fascinating fish group with many dynamics to it. If you can get another tank going that is longer rather than taller, the fish would probably do much better and you could add more types of Zebras if it's decorated properly. :thumb:
  7. Andy Sager

    New person, worked in a pet shop

    Just sayin' ...that could be a sign of things to come. :whistle: ;)
  8. Andy Sager

    Nitrates up, pH and total alkalinity down

    That water would need to be remineralized in order to add any carbonate hardness (KH) to it. It's KH that helps buffer your water to keep the Ph from falling. As explained, when there is no or low KH, a rise in nitrates causes a drop in Ph. When the Ph reaches levels under 6.8, nitrification...
  9. Andy Sager

    New person, worked in a pet shop

    Just an FYI, that orange and black fish ( an African cichlid) is not the best fish to have with your other fish. At some point it can turn on all your other fish as they can be very aggressive and territorial. It also will do better in hard alkaline water while the other fish can handle a wider...
  10. Andy Sager

    Unexpected glowlight danio spawn!

    We'll have to agree to disagree on the reason. I had balloon fish in the 1960s and they ended up in the stomachs of my Oscars. Poor breeding lines produced more of them so the farms didn't want to lose all that money so they "made them" a got to have fish instead of a got to get rid of fish...
  11. Andy Sager

    Worried about exploding tank

    When tanks " explode", it's usually larger tanks that do that because they are not set up on an approved stand or are not setting properly on the stand. Smaller tanks would usually leak instead of exploding. The main thing to do is not go cheap. People trying to save money on the equipment (...
  12. Andy Sager

    About to move to new town, need advice please

    I actually moved fish from NJ to Florida in the back of our car so I have a little experience with this. ;) The first suggestion is if you can, get water from your new place tested to see how or if it is different the parameters are from what you use now. The closer to your water parameters it...
  13. Andy Sager

    few questions about guppies

    That really is unusual for that much evaporation in a closed tank. That was an issue when the first wet/dry systems came out because they had so much open spaces where water was evaporating from but that was easily rectified by closing them up more. :unsure:
  14. Andy Sager

    I have pregnant mollies but I don’t know how to tell when to put them by themselves.

    If they were with a male, the odds are they are pregnant ;) ( or holding sperm.) The reason they probably aren't delivering any fry is because they don't feel secure in the tank to let them loose. I see a lot of nice decorations in your tank but nothing floating at the top that would be where...
  15. Andy Sager

    Oil surface cause may be damaging my tank?

    Yes. But it doesn't need to be far outside the water. Just enough to make a splash. Every bubble that bursts adds oxygen to the water. :thumb:
  16. Andy Sager

    Wigglers 2: Birth of a hatchery & everything Angels

    The breeders got a diet of high protein Breeder flakes in the am, live worms in the afternoon and frozen brine shrimp or bloodworms as their last meal of the day. Fry got newly hatched baby brine shrimp 3 times per day. Grow outs got a high quality growth flake in the morning and afternoon...
  17. Andy Sager

    Platies, mollys and angel fish?

    What I was getting at is that it's all situational. Angelfish by nature are schooling fish and generally schooling fish do not do well when alone. That is no longer true with the domesticated Angel. Angels also live in a hierarchy society so unless they are a mated pair, 2 is not really a good...
  18. Andy Sager

    Oil surface cause may be damaging my tank?

    I'd raise it just slightly so that the return is pointing at a downward angle causing more "disturbance". The splashing is where there is the exchange of gases which oxygenates the water. :thumb"
  19. Andy Sager

    Platies, mollys and angel fish?

    Angelfish personalities have changed since their domestication. I've bred literally hundreds of pairs of domestic and wild caught Angels and have seen different personalities in many fish. You are lucky that your fish hasn't tried eating any of your other fish but I've had Angels almost choke on...
  20. Andy Sager

    few questions about guppies

    Evaporation in fish tanks is basically from steam so if the crack in your lid is not an open crack, it's probably not the cause of the evaporation. If there is water around the crack, that's a different story. Water can be escaping the tank through the crack then either drying or spilling out of...
  21. Andy Sager

    Advice needed to transfer live plant ecosystem to new tank

    Moving everything you can will help keep everything going as usual. Consider it a partial water change. Drain a percentage of the water into the new tank then move as much of the innerds of the old tank into the new tank then fill up the tank with the new water. I would suggest you get a...
  22. Andy Sager

    Switching tanks

    The reason you want to move filter materials to a new tank is because the nitrifying microbes are found anywhere in the tank with a high oxygen level. The oxygen level is usually high in a filter because of the turbulence in there causing an exchange of gases but that could apply to anywhere in...
  23. Andy Sager

    Oil surface cause may be damaging my tank?

    Just an FYI: The Ph will matter more for wild caught specimens over tank or farm bred species. There are many Tetras now bred on farms in Florida where the water Ph is in the low to mid 8s whereas if they were wild stock, the fish would probably not be doing well. Harliquin Rasboras and Neon...
  24. Andy Sager

    few questions about guppies

    Absolutely!!! No tank should be evaporating that much in a week. If it is, it should be addressed more often. As you stated, only the H and the O evaporate ( chemical formula for water is H2O) , none of the minerals do so the GH is rising while the water level is lowering. With that, doing a...
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