Looking for fish ppl in upstate ny

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Apr 17, 2023
Hey there! Was wondering if anyone was in upstate ny? I live in Albany and am looking for other fish nerds lol. Let me know!
schenectady I worked in a pet store when i was young and always had fish and reptiles. Now am older and retired ,I got this 30 gallon tank from a lady i was doing some work for and got it up and running but having some troubles figuring out how to not kill fish.
Don't know if they come from the store weak or not, tried a few different places. Have a couple that have been here from the beginning a silver dollar and a couple cichlids a black molly and a small tetra with red eyes dont know his name. been keeping the water good using test strips got a few live plants in there its pretty cool and like it , it give me some peace
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