What are the best fertilizers?

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Apr 20, 2022
Near Reno, NV, USA
I have a 20 gallon with an Amazon Sword and a couple Elodea stalks. The Amazon Sword hasn’t grown much in the 2.5 months I’ve had it and is starting to look a little brown around the edges. I did uproot it about a month ago and there was lots of new root growth. Anyway, I think it might need some fertilizer and I wanted to know what any recommendations are. I have 9 fish and am planning to get more soon so I would like the fertilizer to be 100% fish safe. Thanks!
Get some root tabs and an all in one fertiliser like seachem flourish. If your tank is exhibiting very low nitrate, then something that will increase the nitrogen like NA Thrive that will push the nitrate up instead of the flourish.
My nitrate is fine. Around 20 ppm. Tested it yesterday.

I will look into getting some root tabs for the Sword. Should I use them on the Elodea as well? They seem to be doing fine.
Your amazon sword is a heavy root feeder and should benefit a lot from root tabs, especially if the tank is fairly new and the substrate is ‘clean’

The elodea is primarily a water column feeder and will respond better to liquid fertilizers. Though it still doesn’t hurt to give them root tabs as either one of these plants will resort to collecting nutrients in any way possible if necessary!

I give all my stem plants root tabs, and the tanks all get liquid fert (seachem flourish and some seachem iron to top-up for the red ludwigia)
If you’re researching liquid fertilizers, take a look at Easy Green. It’s simple to use and contains nutrients other liquids do not.
Any recommendations for what brand of root tabs? I am heading to the Petco today so any fast replies would be helpful!
I personally wouldn’t be too picky unless you’ve got some selection available.

I use seachem because it’s easy to get for me and the price is decent. I have no complaints…
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